This project will deliver the construction of the much needed and long-awaited Garlic Creek Parkway, connecting RM 967 and FM 1626. Garlic Creek Parkway been featured on the Buda Transportation plan since 2006, and with Persimmon, it will be built. Additionally, we are adding a direct connection out to FM 1626 which will allow Buda residents to bypass the intersection of RM 967 and Main Street or RM 967 and FM 1626.


The 967 corridor has only two high-capacity exits, the congested intersections at 1626 and Main Street. By building Garlic Creek Parkway and the 1626 Connector, Persimmon will provide enormous relief to those intersections. Additionally, we are paving the way for future connections to SH45 and an east-west arterial connection which will offer the potential for even more significant relief in the future. And by providing neighborhood-serving retail and a school site, the project will reduce the frequency that nearby residents need to leave the 967 corridor in the first place.

Thoughtful Design

We are designing this project to feature the natural beauty of the land. In addition to providing generous park space and an extensive trail system, the roads and homes will be sited to allow us to preserve existing trees and natural amenities. Additionally, we will be bringing a charming neighborhood commercial center to the corner of RM 967 and Garlic Creek Parkway and reserving a greenbelt adjacent elementary school site on the property.

Our Vision

Persimmon will feature wide sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, street trees lining every street, interconnected parks, greenbelts, open spaces, homes with generous front porches, and a local retail destination. These elements combine to create a traditional neighborhood feel that encourages walking and biking, reduces driving speeds, and promotes the neighborly interactions that transform a neighborhood into a community.

Trees in Persimmon

We have planned the project carefully to protect and preserve the vast majority of heritage oak trees that are so abundant on these properties. Many of our parks and trails are planned around the largest trees as well as lovely stretches of Garlic and Bear Creeks, giving the public new access to these natural treasures.

Parks in Persimmon

We are committed to providing generous parks and outdoor space for current and new residents of Buda. We will be building an extensive trail network within the community that ties into current Buda trails and offers a connection to the larger regional network. Additionally, we will be building community amenities like a disk golf course and playgrounds that will be open to everyone.

Honoring the Past

We are repurposing a 100+ year-old dairy barn and nearby farmhouse to create a community center where families can gather to enjoy the amenities of today while reflecting on the rich agricultural history of these properties. 

At this time, we are only taking questions about neighborhood information. Inquiries regarding new residential sales and news update registration will be available when precise information is finalized.

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