We know you all have lots of questions. We’ve listed a few of the most common ones below, but please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if there’s anything else you want to know.


Our goal is to collaborate with the Buda community to design Persimmon to be the best community it can be. We strive to work together to maximize the opportunities afforded by this project. We firmly believe that this collaboration will result in better project and we are here to listen. Please find a quick facts and FAQ sheet created by the City of Buda below.

Will Persimmon worsen traffic?

No! We are proposing a road network that will be the solution to the current traffic issues in Buda. Additionally, we are looking at funding tools that will allow us to build the road as quickly as possible. We are committed to starting this project as soon as the framework is established, and permits can be issued.

While our infrastructure will be phased, the result will be a system that is appropriate and designed to serve all regional traffic. Without our help, traffic in the Buda area will get worse (even without our community) as people continue to move to Central Texas in record numbers.

What happens if the project gets denied at the City Council?

In Texas, property owners have the right to develop their property under the county standards, without required consent from the city. Counties are required to approve the projects under very broad standards. The developer would be able to build the project without the FM 1626 road connection under the county standards.

Does the developer have to build the road from RM 967 to FM 1626?

No, the developer is only required to pay for its proportional share of impacts on the road system. The developer would normally only be responsible for a minor share of these improvements under the proportionality laws. The developer is proactively going much further than they are required to ensure a high-quality project with a high-quality execution that benefits both the broader community and future residents.

What happens to traffic and road congestion at RM 967 and FM 1626 if this road does not get built?

Without this connection, current congestion will continue to increase. A significant percent of the traffic that moves through Buda is not generated by Buda residents. This traffic is caused by development to the South of Buda. If this road is not built (and even if the project were not built) traffic congestion will continue to worsen. This project and the associated investment in the community represent an opportunity for Buda to get a much-needed road at no cost to Buda residents.

Will a new fire station be built at Persimmon?

Yes, we are in discussions with the Buda Fire Department about donating the site for a new Fire & EMS Station within the project.

What is the timing of the road?

This is a million-dollar question … it’s a multi-dollar question! A partnership between MileStone and the City of Buda will result in the road connection being completed and open for use on an expedited and aggressive schedule.

Will there be a new school in Persimmon?

We are in conversation with Hays CISD about their current capacity and future needs. Though they do not see an immediate need for an additional school site, we have reserved a potential elementary school site within the project should their needs change.

What efforts have been made to protect trees and greenspace?

This is a beautiful property, and we have worked diligently to find a path around existing trees and natural amenities. The result of this effort is a community plan with generous park space, trails, and greenbelts that will be open to the community. We are committed to expanding the city’s trail, sidewalk, and bike lane network. All of these will offer a healthy outdoor alternative to another trip in the car.

Can Persimmon help with utility infrastructure?

We understand that Buda is growing quickly and there are concerns about how your utility infrastructure keeps up. We are prepared to participate in a solution to those concerns. We are planning to install a purple pipe irrigation system that will connect to the larger City of Buda network. Additionally, we have multiple functioning wells on the property that we can potentially discuss integrating into the larger water system.

Is this project in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone?

No, Persimmon is located entirely outside both the recharge and contributing zones of the Edwards Aquifer. Please see the image below.

Why did you decide to plan a roundabout instead of a signalized intersection at 967 and Garlic Creek Parkway?

A roundabout was chosen for this location to allow traffic flow on RM 967 to continue through the intersection without stopping, as it occurs today, while providing access to the future Garlic Creek Parkway and SH 45 and making the curve safer for all users.


Some quotes from the new roundabout ribbon cutting event:

“By using a roundabout rather than a traditional T intersection with signals, the improvements provide more efficient movement of cars through the year 2041, a safer intersection, and environmental benefits,” said Hays County Commissioner on Shell, Pct. 3.

“Our goal is to ensure the safety of Hays County residents and travelers by constructing safe and effective transportation improvements while honoring the character of the community we all love,” Shell said.

“As national roundabout experts, it is exciting to showcase our expertise in Central Texas to help address critical issues, including road user safety. American Structurepoint knows roundabouts save lives and I look forward to Hays County residents and visitors benefiting from the work of the County and American Structurepoint.”


Can you tell us more about traffic?

We hear you! This is the number one concern of the residents and representatives of Buda. We are committed to being part of the solution to the congestion and delays you are currently experiencing. We will diligently work with you to build a better transportation network.

At this time, we are only taking questions about neighborhood information. Inquiries regarding new residential sales and news update registration will be available when precise information is finalized.

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