City Council Vote: October 18th

Parks, Trees, and Recreational Trails

The Persimmon Development Plan will deliver a thoughtful community that is connected with tree-filled parks and miles of recreational trails. Only moments away from Downtown Buda, Persimmon will be a playground for adventure, recreation, and relaxation. Acres of parkland will be buffered with housing diversity designed to accommodate a broad range of budgets and lifestyles.

Persimmon wants to include double the required amounts of parks and open space, protect generous greenbelts for trail connectivity, and distribute a variety of neighborhood parks and amenities. This commitment will exceed city code by 160% and include playgrounds, trail improvements, and a disc golf course, protecting an overwhelming percentage of signature and heritage trees.

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Strong Connections Make a Difference

With over 6 miles of trails connecting beautiful parks, playgrounds, and other amenities, Persimmon will be the perfect place to stay connected with nature, family, and friends.


Generational History

Structures on the Persimmon property have been an important part of the daily life of residents for generations. We intend to honor these special buildings by restoring them to communal amenities for future generations.


Your Voice Matters

In the upcoming vote, City Council will decide to allow numerous benefits and improvements for the city of Buda with the Persimmon Development Agreement or limit the positive impact this new community brings to you and your neighbors. Contact our team to help support Persimmon.

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