City Council Vote: October 18th

Transportation Improvements are Around the Corner

Enhancing transportation connectivity and functionality is a high priority for Persimmon. We aim to feature the natural beauty of the land in an amazing neighborhood, but we also want to contribute to solving existing traffic in the area. Buda City Council voting YES means more efficient and safer connectivity for Buda residents. The RM 967 corridor has only two high-capacity exits, the congested intersections at FM 1626 and Main Street. Building Garlic Creek Parkway and the FM 1626 Connector will provide additional connectivity and relief to those intersections, keeping traffic out of the neighborhoods. Additionally, these major roadways will provide the opportunity for SH45 to connect and provide more significant relief in the future.

Please find quick facts and FAQs created by the City of Buda here. We can’t say it enough, Persimmon is for everyone. In fact, with full transparency, everyone can find the term sheet guiding negotiations with Buda City Council here. We have been able to respond favorably to most of the items on this list, but as you can see, there are still a few items that are under discussion. If you have questions, contact our team to learn more. 

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Without the Persimmon Development Agreement, Hays County does NOT receive a vital connection that would provide tremendous upside to future traffic in and around the City of Buda. The loss of this connector road would impact commute times and compromise neighborhood safety. Without a new, highly-efficient roadway dedicated to moving traffic from RM 967 and FM 1626, traffic will rely on multiple new connections to existing roadways . This results in traffic continuing to build in nearby neighborhoods such as Coves of Cimarron, Leisure Woods, and Southern Woods. Contact our team to learn more.


Regional Transportation Safety: Roundabouts

From the Hays County new roundabout ribbon cutting event: 

“By using a roundabout rather than a traditional T intersection with signals, the improvements provide more efficient movement of cars through the year 2041, a safer intersection, and environmental benefits,” said Hays County Commissioner on Shell, Pct. 3. 

“Our goal is to ensure the safety of Hays County residents and travelers by constructing safe and effective transportation improvements while honoring the character of the community we all love,” Shell said. 

“As national roundabout experts, it is exciting to showcase our expertise in Central Texas to help address critical issues, including road user safety. American Structurepoint knows roundabouts save lives and I look forward to Hays County residents and visitors benefiting from the work of the County and American Structurepoint.”

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At this time, we are only taking questions about neighborhood information. Inquiries regarding new residential sales and news update registration will be available when precise information is finalized.

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