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Persimmon is coming to Buda in 2023. This is a tremendous opportunity to create something that benefits everyone. Through extensive discussions with Buda City Council and input from Buda residents, a development agreement has been crafted for Persimmon. Priorities include major regional transportation improvements, dedicated land for a fire station, more than required parkland, higher standards of development with public benefits, thoughtful commercial destinations, and land dedicated to a new elementary school site. Our goal is to collaborate with the Buda community to design Persimmon to be the best community it can be. We strive to work together to maximize the opportunities afforded by this project. We firmly believe that this collaboration will result in a better project and we are here to listen.

Please find quick facts and FAQs created by the City of Buda here. We can’t say it enough, Persimmon is for everyone. In fact, with full transparency, everyone can find the term sheet guiding negotiations with Buda City Council here. We have been able to respond favorably to most of the items on this list, but as you can see, there are still a few items that are under discussion. If you have questions, contact our team to learn more. 

Help ensure the Persimmon Development Plan is supported!
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Your Voice Matters

In the upcoming vote, City Council will decide to allow numerous benefits and improvements for the city of Buda with the Persimmon Development Agreement or limit the positive impact this new community brings to you and your neighbors. Contact our team to help support Persimmon.

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Build Something Beyond a Standard Development

Without a Development Agreement with the City of Buda, Persimmon will move forward as a Hays County development.  We want to be clear and transparent that this option will look quite a bit different from the vision we’ve been developing and presenting.  The transportation infrastructure will be minimized, and the timeline will be extended, working within a much more limited financial framework.  Sidewalks, trails, and parkland will also be minimized to align with county maintenance capacity.  The commercial center will look very different as it will be limited to a more traditional zoning code that produces strip mall developments.  Additionally, density will be needed to work within the tree preservation code, so you will likely see a variety of garden apartments and multifamily products.


Avoid The limited Plan

In Texas, property owners are given the right to develop their property.  The majority of Persimmon is located outside the city limits of any municipality, so this means that without an agreement with the City of Buda, the project will be developed under Hays County and Travis County development regulations.  County regulations are much less restrictive than city regulations, but they are unable to offer subsidies and incentives in the form of utilities and Public Improvement District (PID) funding, so we will be unable to offer most of the regional and community benefits that had been planned. We need your help ensuring the opportunity to build the best neighborhood possible is allowed by Buda City Council. Contact our team to learn more.


We know you all have lots of questions. We’ve listed a few of the most common ones below, but please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if there’s anything else you want to know.

At this time, we are only taking questions about neighborhood information. Inquiries regarding new residential sales and news update registration will be available when precise information is finalized.

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